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  1. This is great new Bryon. We know so many customers that leverage SFC for more efficient programming. Having SFC available on the full range of FX5U PLCs is a powerful combination!
  2. Thanks Al. It's not exactly the most complicated project but it was fun to show my son some real world engineering. He loves coming to the Gibson office (before covid) to see what we do, but this was hands on so he was excited it see something he put together do something.
  3. Thanks Frank. I'm still going to the office so no ambient hens as background noise on my phone calls. They are definitely better than roosters but the hens can get noisy so we've been giving the neighbors plenty of eggs, so no complaints yet.
  4. Thanks Sonya. We have some friends that want chickens in the spring. In that case the eggs will come first...we are going to buy some fertilized eggs and let our chickens raise them.
  5. Advanced warning, this may not be the most professional or business-centric blog post for Gibson Engineering's Support Community. I wanted to share an automation application and the associated story that may entertain some of our readers. Earlier in the year, as we went into coronavirus quarantine and our kids were sent home from school, my wife decided it was a great time to get chickens. I've shrugged off this idea for a couple of years now. However, I came home one night to three excited children making chicken noises before informing me about the "family decision" they had made that
  6. Version 1.0.0

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    We have been encountering the buzzwords "AI", "Deep Learning", etc.. Now it's reality with Cognex's new Insight D900 system with Deep Learning Technology. Check out this video to reveal why we call it revolutionary!
  7. If you are looking for more details on Kassow robot integration and functionality check out Batu's series of introductory videos available here.
  8. If you're still interested in machine vision Gibson Offers a great training, currently remote, on Cognex's In-Sight Explorer software that will help you understand what is possible with both vision sensors and their full featured vision systems. You can checkout the agenda and sign up here.
  9. Great job simplifying the steps required for implementing a vision guided robot. Do you see different challenges with cobots versus traditional industrial robots?
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