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How do I Configure my GOT Connection to my PLC?

Bryon Sol


With GOT1000 and GOT2000 series HMI's when you open GT Designer 3 software, (purchased as GT Works3 package) if you go to the Help menu and click Manual List it will open a PDF that lists all the various manuals for programming GOT terminals.


In this PDF is a list of "GOT2000 Series Connection Manuals" that describe how to configure both your HMI and your PLC.


The first one in the list is for connecting your Mitsubishi PLC to your MItsubishi GOT.  

In the bookmarks section of the GOT2000 Series Connection Manual (Mitsubishi Electric Products) there are sections for every type of possible connection.  We'll look at Ethernet Connection as an example as this is the most common today.


You will notice it lists all PLCs that can connect via Ethernet, then how to configure the system (built-in Ethernet vs Ethernet Module on the PLC, or with add-on cards on the HMI etc)

Then we get to 4.3 and 4.4 where it will give actual functional examples of configuring your HMI and PLC.

For example, connecting an R04PLC to a GT27 via Ethernet.

Overall - this is the critical picture - ALL the settings needed to make this work are shown here.  Notice for instance that the PLC No (Station) is different on PLC and HMI.  They each need a unique number!


On the HMI Side it shows the screens for configuring the above.



On the PLC side it shows the screens and how to configure the PLC:




If you follow through with each detail carefully you will be up and running in no time!




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