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Found 7 results

  1. While this doesn't cover absolutely everything this is a good start at a listing of the most common batteries needed for Mitsubishi PLCs.
  2. A very common question is "what software do I need to purchase to program my PLC?". Luckily with Mitsubishi, the answer is simple. GX Works3. As of the release of the iQ-F (FX5) and iQ-R series PLCs, Mitsubishi released their newest programming platform, GX Works3. And the best part is, when you buy it, you get the two previous programming platforms with it. You also get GX Works2 and GX Developer, all for one price and the price is the same as GX Works2 was, so you are paying the same as you used to and you are getting 3 packages. So which package do you need for which PLC? Use the following chart: *** there is a compatibility mode whereby GX Works 3 will open Q or L or FX3 series projects that is not noted in this chart
  3. Did you know that Mitsubishi FR-A800, FR-E800 and FR-F800 series Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) include built-in Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) functionality? That’s right, the VFDs/Inverters that you are used to using to drive your 3-phase motors have a built-in PLC that can be enabled to do logic control without an external device. Not only this, but you can add extra input and outputs via add-on cards to expand the functionality. Let’s look at a simple example – the E800 VFD This new inverter from Mitsubishi comes in two different styles, the classic serial connection and Ethernet connection. And both have a MELSEC 2K Step PLC included. This might allow you to reduce internal components and save panel space, eliminating wiring time, and reducing system setup times. Not only could you have a system comprised of a single VFD providing both functions of a PLC and Inverter, but you can use inverter-to-inverter communication. The inverter-to-inverter link function enables communication between multiple inverters connected by Ethernet in a small-scale system by using the I/O devices and special registers of the PLC function. You can also connect a GOT2000 series operator interface panel to the VFD to interact with the system and change various parameters in your PLC program. Using expansion modules you can add more inputs and outputs to your inverter including not only digital inputs and outputs but analog as well. And it provides all the familiar programming languages that PLC programs are used to using, including Function Block Diagram, Ladder and on the E800 Structured Text. All of this is done using Mitsubishi’s FR-Configurator 2 software and the FR Configurator 2 Developer programming environment. So the next time you have an application such as a conveyor application or pump application that requires more than just a motor drive you might consider the Mitsubishi family of inverters with built-in PLC.
  4. With GOT1000 and GOT2000 series HMI's when you open GT Designer 3 software, (purchased as GT Works3 package) if you go to the Help menu and click Manual List it will open a PDF that lists all the various manuals for programming GOT terminals. In this PDF is a list of "GOT2000 Series Connection Manuals" that describe how to configure both your HMI and your PLC. The first one in the list is for connecting your Mitsubishi PLC to your MItsubishi GOT. In the bookmarks section of the GOT2000 Series Connection Manual (Mitsubishi Electric Products) there are sections for every type of possible connection. We'll look at Ethernet Connection as an example as this is the most common today. You will notice it lists all PLCs that can connect via Ethernet, then how to configure the system (built-in Ethernet vs Ethernet Module on the PLC, or with add-on cards on the HMI etc) Then we get to 4.3 and 4.4 where it will give actual functional examples of configuring your HMI and PLC. For example, connecting an R04PLC to a GT27 via Ethernet. Overall - this is the critical picture - ALL the settings needed to make this work are shown here. Notice for instance that the PLC No (Station) is different on PLC and HMI. They each need a unique number! On the HMI Side it shows the screens for configuring the above. On the PLC side it shows the screens and how to configure the PLC: If you follow through with each detail carefully you will be up and running in no time!
  5. Okay - this is tough because it depends on how you are connecting on your PC side and how you are connecting on your PLC side, and new products get added and things change, but here's a general summary. Generally speaking this can be simplified: If you are on a PLC from the last 5-10 years (it's 2020 now) then mini-USB is probably available on the PLC, if mini-USB is not available, then Ethernet is with the exception of the FX3U and the Alpha. So this includes FX3S, FX3G, L Series, Q Series and R Series released in the last 10 years If you are working with an FX1S, FX1N, FX2N, FX3x PLC the front port is an 8 pin mini-DIN RS-422 cable and you can use the FX-USB-AW cable If you are working with an older FX PLC with the 25 pin connector, get the SC-09 cable and get a USB to Serial adapter like the Keyspan/Tripplite USA-19HS If you are working on a Q PLC that is slightly older it may have a mini-DIN connector on it, this is a 6 pin mini-DIN and is not the same as the mini-DIN on the FX series, it is RS-232. For this you need the SC-Q cable with a USB to Serial adapter, or the GT10-RS2TUSB-5S and a mini-USB cable As an experienced Mitsubishi programmer, I keep 5 cables in my bag and this setup covers me for 99% of what I need: Classic SC-09 Cable to program either new or old FX series and some old A series PLCs Keyspan/Tripplite USA-19HS serial to USB converter Mini-USB Cable with Ferrite core like the MR-J3USBCBL3M or GT09-C30USB-5P GT10-RS2TUSB-5S converter to connect to old Q series and some HMIs with the round RS232 connector A good quality Ethernet cable around 10' long. If I didn't have to worry about the old FX and A series, then the FX-USB-AW would replace cables 1, 2 and 3 in this list! Below is a table that shows what cable you should need for what PLC. Family Model Connection Type PC Side Connection Type PLC Side Cable # Alpha Alpha2 RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) Front Panel Connection AL-232CAB FX FX-XXX RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-422 (DB25) SC09 FX FX1N-XXX RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-422 (mini-Din) SC09 FX FX1N-XXX USB RS-422 (mini-Din) FX-USB-AW FX FX1S-XXX RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-422 (mini-Din) SC09 FX FX1S-XXX USB RS-422 (mini-Din) FX-USB-AW FX FX2NC-XXX RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-422 (mini-Din) SC09 FX FX2NC-XXX USB RS-422 (mini-Din) FX-USB-AW FX FX2N-XXX RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-422 (mini-Din) SC09 FX FX2N-XXX USB RS-422 (mini-Din) FX-USB-AW FX FX3G-XXX RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-422 (mini-Din) SC09 FX FX3G-XXX USB RS-422 (mini-Din) FX-USB-AW FX FX3G-XXX USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M FX FX3S-XXX RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-422 (mini-Din) SC09 FX FX3S-XXX USB RS-422 (mini-Din) FX-USB-AW FX FX3S-XXX USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M FX FX3UC-XXX RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-422 (mini-Din) SC09 FX FX3UC-XXX USB RS-422 (mini-Din) FX-USB-AW FX FX3U-USB-BD USB FX3U-USB-BD MR-J3USBCBL3M FX FX3U-XXX RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-422 (mini-Din) SC09 FX FX3U-XXX USB RS-422 (mini-Din) FX-USB-AW FX5 (iQ-F) FX5U-XXX Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) FX5 (iQ-F) FX5UC-XXX Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) FX5 (iQ-F) FX5UJ-XXX Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) FX5 (iQ-F) FX5UJ-XXX USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M L L02 Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) L L02 USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M L L06 Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) L L06 USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M L L26 Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) L L26 USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M QCPU Q00U USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M QCPU Q00U RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q00UDE Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) QCPU Q00UJ USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M QCPU Q01 RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q02 RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q02H RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q02U USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M QCPU Q02U RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q02UDE Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) QCPU Q03U USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M QCPU Q03U RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q03UDE Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) QCPU Q04U USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M QCPU Q04U RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) QCPU Q04UDE Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) QCPU Q06H RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q06U USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M QCPU Q06U RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q06UDE Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) QCPU Q0OJ RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q100U USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M QCPU Q100U RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q100UDE Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) QCPU Q10U USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M QCPU Q10U RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q10UDE Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) QCPU Q12H RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q12PH RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q13U USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M QCPU Q13U RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q13UDE Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) QCPU Q20U USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M QCPU Q20U RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q20UDE Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) QCPU Q25H RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q25PH RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q26U USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M QCPU Q26U RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q26UDE Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) QCPU Q50U USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M QCPU Q50U RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU Q50UDE Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) QCPU QO1U USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M QCPU QO1U RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q QCPU QO1UDE Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) AnSH AnSH RS232 RS422 SC09 Qmotion Q172D USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M Qmotion Q172D RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q Qmotion Q170M RS-232 (9 Pin Serial) RS-232 (mini-DIN) SC-Q Qmotion Q170M USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M Qmotion MRMQ100 Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) Qmotion Q170M Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) RCPU R00CPU USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M RCPU R00CPU Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) RCPU R01CPU USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M RCPU R01CPU Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) RCPU R02CPU USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M RCPU R02CPU Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) RCPU R04CPU USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M RCPU R04CPU Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) RCPU R08CPU USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M RCPU R08CPU Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) RCPU R16CPU USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M RCPU R16CPU Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) RCPU R32CPU USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M RCPU R32CPU Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) RCPU R120CPU USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M RCPU R120CPU Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) RCPU R04ENCPU USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M RCPU R04ENCPU Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) RCPU R08ENCPU USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M RCPU R08ENCPU Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) RCPU R16ENCPU USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M RCPU R16ENCPU Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) RCPU R32ENCPU USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M RCPU R32ENCPU Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired) RCPU R120ENCPU USB mini-USB-B MR-J3USBCBL3M RCPU R120ENCPU Ethernet (wired) Ethernet (wired)
  6. Version 1.0.0


    The attached file discusses the difference between Sinking and Sourcing, NPN and PNP and Relay outputs. It also includes wiring diagrams and background information into solid state devices like diodes, bipolar junction transistors and how these devices work. If you want an intro into transistor theory and to understand the differences between sinking/sourcing or NPN/PNP, this is the document for you.
  7. Version 2.0.0


    The attached file shows how to connect a Mitsubishi iQ-R or iQ-F series PLC to a Cognex In-Sight Vision System via MC Protocol Scanner. Similar methodology can be used for the iQ-F series, L series and Q series PLCs and with slight modifications also the FX3 series PLCs. This includes libraries for FX5 and iQ-R for CameraStatus and CameraControl blocks.
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