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Mitsubishi GX Works3 PLC Programming Software is now Windows 11 Compatible

Bryon Sol


Mitsubishi has released version 1.085P with support for Windows 11.  As of today (May 5, 2022) you should be able to log into the Software Portal at http://us.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/en and download version 1.085P.

If you haven't registered your software, you will need to register it first.  If it's already registered and more than a year old, reach out to Gibson Engineering to purchase a Software Maintenance Agreement which will give you 1 year of updates.

*GX Works3 is used to program all iQ-F and iQ-R series CPUs such as the FX5U, FX5UC, FX5UJ, R04CPU etc processors.  Compatibility for Windows 11 and older processors has not been announced yet.


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