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New ELECYLINDER® Gripper Type PDF Catalog

Bryon Sol


With Robotics expanding rapidly in the industry, the need for simple, easy to set up grippers for Robotic End of Arm Tooling is more important than ever.

Intelligent Actuator makes some of the industries best electric actuators.  With simple setup and unsurpassed quality, their RoboCylinder line of products has been an industry leader for decades.

Now IAI has released a new ELECYLINDER Electric gripper.  These 2 position actuators with built-in controllers replace air actuated cylinders and are set up with just 4 easy steps:


They can be configured with the TB-03 teach pendant or IAI's new IA-OS software.  They can even be configured wirelessly.

These cost effective grippers come in 4 variations from 10mm and 28N of force up to 20mm and 360N of force.



Best of all, they act just like a 5/2 valve with built-in sensors, with a simple Backward or Forward output and returning Backward and Forward signals, two digital inputs and two digital outputs control and monitor the gripper with ease.



For more information and to get the catalog, visit IAI's website:


Or go Directly to the ELECYLINDER Gripper announcement here:





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