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Flexy 205 Machine IIoT Gateway

Bryon Sol


datasheet-flexy-205.pdfThe eWON Flexy 205 is an advanced internet data gateway that allows Machine Builders to monitor and collect vital KPIs for analysis and predictive maintenance. With data logging, alarming, built-in web interface, scripting and enhanced internet connectivity, the Flexy 205 is a modular Internet Gateway for your IoT deployment. It also supports VPN Remote Access for easy troubleshooting of your distant industrial equipment.

Secure Remote

  • Allow service engineers to troubleshoot and tune equipment without going on site.
  • Secure VPN Remote connectivity using Ethernet (built-in), Wifi or Cellular (extension cards).

Data Acquisition

  • Log up to one million time-stamped data values.
  • Logged files can be easily retrieved or sent for data aggregration and analysis using HTTPs, MQTT or FTP.

Email & SMS Notifications

  • Configure alarms on key parameters.
  • Send notifications by e-mail or SMS using Talk2M services.

Local Dashboard

  • Embed web dashboards (HTML5) to present real-time machine data.
  • Use the M2Web service to monitor theses dashboards from smartphones or tablets

Programming Using Basic Scripting or Java

  • Customize your gateway with Basic Scripting.
  • Develop a Java application for advanced features such as adding a custom I/O driver, optimizing your application or integration with 3rd party applications.


  • Embedded to offer easy-to-deploy data integration within factories.


  • 2 slots available to insert up to 2 extension cards and benefit from wide flexible connectivity




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