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Why am I not getting data from Cognex In-Sight to my PLC?

Bryon Sol


A common issue people have with Cognex In-Sight cameras is not getting the data back at the end of an inspection.  It might seem like you have it all set up correctly in either EasyBuilder Communications or Spreadsheet with FormatOutputBuffer etc, but you just aren't getting any data!

If you are able to trigger your camera, and interact with it in other ways, but the data isn't coming back, this is most likely because you haven't told the camera to send the data!

On V5.x.x. firmware, the input/output changed a bit for the Cognex cameras.  If you are using Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Modbus/TCP or CC-Link IE Field Network Basic and you want the data at the end of the inspection there are two different ways to go about this:

  1. Turn on the "Enable User Data Bypass" option.

    This is by far the easiest option.  What it does in essence is tell the camera not to wait for the PLC to request the data, but to just send it automatically at the end of every inspection.

    This option is essentially in the same place no matter what protocol you are using, but does vary slightly.

    Go to Sensor->Network Settings

    Under the Industrial Ethernet Settings, make sure you've selected the correct protocol and then click Settings and check off "Enable User Data Bypass"


  2. Or...Request Data with each inspection.
    Depending on your PLC this is done via the Set User Data Ack tag/bit

    From the In-Sight Explorer Help File for Ethernt/IP:
       If the Enable User Data Bypass is NOT enabled (unchecked which is the default state) in the Network Setting Dialog for the camera:
          i. Set the User Data tag, SetUserData bit is a named tag, for this example it would be InSight_Top:O.Control.SetUserData.
          ii. Clear the User Data tag above once you receive the User Data Ack bit. SetUserDataAck bit is a named tag, for this example it would be InSight_Top:I.Status. SetUserDataAck.



The Set User Data Bypass flag is available in the following protocols:

Mitsubishi CC-Link IE Field Network Basic:







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