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How to Connect Kassow Robots to Google Drive?

Batu Sipka


This is a tutorial to setup the Google Drive storage and load a program and a workcell into the robot.

Click on the 3 dots on the right top corner and Select Storage from the drop down.


Click on the Add/Choose Account. This will prompt you to select a WiFi to connect.


After you insert the correct credentials for the WiFi account, click on the Add/Choose Account again. This time the Google Drive plugin will show up. Select the Add Account button and fill in the email address and password of the account that you have the program and workspace in.


After completing the account adding, you should see your account pop up, like shown below.


Close out of this and click on the 3 dots on the right corner again. Select Open Program.


Then click on where it says “Tablet” and choose MyDrive and navigate to the correct directory that your .kr2 file is.


Select the program and click yes on the prompt.


Do the same process for the Workcell. This time navigate to the .wc file and select that.


If you see the Cbun tile highlighted red in your program, you will need to initialize the RG6 Cbun. For that, you might need to download the OnRobot CBun, similar to how we did with the program and workcell. Navigate to CBuns under the 3 dots on the right top. 


Click on the + sign on the left top to add a CBun. Make sure to select MyDrive instead of the Tablet or Robot from the pop up screen and navigate to where the CBun is located in your google drive.


I recommend not using the built-in CBun that’s under Robot since the OnRobot version has more functionality. After that step, click on the + button next to RG6 or whichever gripper you are using.


That will redirect you to the Workcell. Now what you need to do is to change the Robot’s ethernet address to something that will match the Compute Box’s address. Compute box ships with so setting the “ethnet” to would be good.



Then, select the OR_RG6 under Custom Devices and configure it. Change the connection method to Compute Box and change the IP address to under the Configure tab. Under the Mounting tab, click on Mount to set LOAD1 as your gripper. Remember, LOAD2 is the variable that you will need to configure to set your tool's weight. Make sure to click activate under Configure tab and watch the OR_RG6 tiles turn green.

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