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Sick W10: World's first Photoelectric Sensor with a Touchscreen

Bryon Sol


I'm a little late in announcing this but Sick has released a new line of Photoelectric Sensors.

The W10 photoelectric proximity sensor’s ease of use, sturdy design and performance make it ideal for precise object detection in demanding environments. The touchscreen display is intuitive to use, allowing parameters to be set quickly. Situation-dependent teach-ins allow convenient sensor adaptation to individual applications. The fact that various MultiMode functions and configurations, such as foreground and background suppression, are combined in a single sensor allows success in a wide range of applications.

  • The world’s first photoelectric sensor with touchscreen display-enabled sensor with refined user-interface allowing simple operation
  • High performance thanks to a precise laser triangulation system with line scanning
  • Buy one, manage one, inventory one, train one, troubleshoot one, replace one
  • Sturdy design with 316L stainless steel housing and IP69k protection rating
  • MultiMode functions such as speed, standard, and precision mode, foreground and background suppression, and teach options
  • Standardized mounting, pre-configured settings and multiple teach-in options for simple sensor integration
  • Button-free interface with lockout ability
With only 4 variants in the family this becomes a very powerful,  easy to select and stock option.
See the product here:



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