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Cognex ViDi Deep Learning Adds Color

Bryon Sol


Color Inspection comes to the ViDi Platform

Cognex has announced the release of Color cameras for use with its ViDi Deep Learning platform.  If you haven't been keeping up with Deep Learning in Machine Vision, this is huge news.  Not very long ago Deep Learning and neural networks were limited to lab use or very large complex systems.  But now you can train complex applications and deploy them on Smart Cameras on your product line to perform inspections that were never possible with traditional rules based machine vision.


Read the blog here at Cognex "5 Inspections Made Possible with Color Imaging and Deep Learning"

By utilizing the D900 platform,  Cognex is bringing Deep Learning out onto the production floor in unprecedented ways.

Whether it's Kitting, Defect Detection, OCR or other difficult inspection tasks, Cognex has a system that can tackle your toughest applications.

Benefits of the D900 ViDi System:

  • 2.3MP and 5MP Grayscale or Color Cameras with HDR+
  • IP67 Rated Housing for Ruggedness in the Industrial Environment
  • Performs inspections not possible with traditional Rule Based machine vision
  • No PC on your production floor
  • Familiar In-Sight Spreadsheet programming environment
  • Ease of Deployment

D900 Color imaging


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