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Gibson's Custom Panelshop

Bryon Sol


Wow, October got away from me.  I don't know about you, but things are still moving fast and completing new projects is taking longer than usual right now.  But that's where having options and other resources can be a great help.

Did you know that Gibson Engineering has been running a Panelshop for decades?  That's right, we have a group dedicated to custom panel work.  We do everything from kitting, to small assembly work, to custom electrical enclosure, to large multi-bay control enclosures.  We even do full Automation Cells.  With an Engineering staff of 10 people, and a crew of highly skilled technicians, we can produce products from the simple and straight forward to much more complex systems to support our customers.

So if you are trying to get your project completed and resources are problematic.  We can probably help.  

Some of the things we do:
Cable assemblies and connectorizing.
image.png.7edfad22b078a4460d3eedc55b7c34dc.png     image.png.3ed033d676d0f1ddd93f094eda96ce37.png

Assembly services:
Manufacturing and Assembly Services


Machine Framing, Guarding and Conveyors
Machine Framing, Guarding and Conveyors

Then on the Panelshop side of things we can offer small panels like our Vision Power Panels and any custom small enclosure, all the way to multi-bay enclosures.

Vision Poewr Panels


We also do complete machine builds from small desktop inspection systems to complex robotic cells.







Suffice to say with a an Engineering staff who on average have 15 years or more experience, we've seen and solved many of the problems that exist across many industries. 

Let us help you bring your projects to completion by leveraging our resources.






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