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UV-C Disinfection Robot

Paul Rice


Automated Sterilization of Work Spaces with disinfection top modules for mobile industrial robots
1892073523_LightSweepwarehhouse.jpg.2d0a9980dcb898b811b6a9549530ea35.jpgOrganizations have started to adapt to a new reality with restrictions in commercial activities and social distancing. In order to protect employees and businesses, Mobile Industrial Robots is providing flexible solutions, especially when it comes to disinfection processes.  Their automated sterilization solution for work spaces is useful across a variety of sectors. Amid this current situation, MiR designed this UVC top module for plug and play on the MiR100/ MiR 200 Robot Base for quick deployment.
The UV-C Lamps used are from American Ultraviolet™ which have more than 60,000 UV-C fixtures globally since 1960 and EPA Certified. It covers 360° with 8 UV-C 254nm lamps to deliver doses to eradicate pathogens on the surfaces and air. Providing 360° disinfection of floor and surfaces eradicating with 99.9% confidence level of many pathogens including coronavirus.
Benefits of Using UV-C Disinfection Robots
  • Able to disinfect large areas at a short amount of time without the worry of inconsistency
  • To be fully autonomous to do scheduled disinfection without exposing an operator to do chemical disinfection
  • Easy and fast deployment - Meet the safety standards and certification

Download UV-C DIsinfection Robot Brochure Here








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