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  1. Wow Joe! This is a very fascinating story. I am impressed by the conviction to build a very high end chicken coop and automating it as well. This is what engineers are all about. It shows ingenuity and impressive resolve. Thanks for sharing...
  2. There is always debate about when Mitsubishi’s new servo amplifiers such as MR-J4 and MR-JE CC-Link IE Field Basic should be used? To understand this you need to step back and understand what functionality they bring to the wealth of product offering Mitsubishi has in their toolbox. The biggest advantage is that there is no need for extra motion control modules. It is based on CC-link IE Field protocol which in a full functionality mode is a Gigabit based deterministic protocol over Ethernet. However, IE Field Basic is not deterministic so speed might be a consideration when deciding if this is right for your application. A CC-Link IE Field Basic axis can only be used as a stand-alone single axis, so there is no way to synchronize axes together on this network. The best applications for these servo amplifiers are when single axis point to point motion is the only requirement. If you are going to use Homing, Absolute or Incremental moves, Velocity or Torque control as a single axis then this is your amplifier. If all you need is simple single axis servo functionality, from one or multiple servos, these amplifiers can be tied together over the built in Ethernet available on most Mitsubishi PLCs. This functionality simplifies your overall system architecture, reduces costs by reducing any additional hardware, and reducing deployment time with available PLC function blocks. There are many quick startup guides which can be found on Mitsubishi's website and here on Gibson Engineering’s Knowledge Base. If you have questions or would like to learn more please reach out to us at Gibson Engineering. Quick Start Guide for MR-J4-GF CC-link IE field Basic on GX-Works3 for IQ-F(FX5)) Quick Start Guide for MR-J4-GF CC-link IE field Basic on GX-Works3 for IQ-R) Quick Start Guide MR-J4-GF CC-Link IE Field Basic Servo Amplifier on the GX Works2 for Q PLC ) Quick Start Guide- How to use the PLCopen FBs for MR-JE-C CC-Link IE Field Basic)(Links of FBs: 1: MR-JE-C PLCopen Library in iQ-R PLC 2: MR-JE-C PLCopen Library in Q PLC 3: MR-JE-C PLCopen Library in iQ-F PLC)
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