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Mitsubishi MR-J5-G and MR-JET-G Now Support CC-Link IE Field Basic

Bryon Sol


As of late August of 2021 Mitsubishi Electric has released support of CC-Link IE Field Network Basic on the MR-J5-G and MR-JET-G series servo amplifiers.

Why is this important?  Well, for starters as long as you don't need coordinated motion, this reduces the cost of implementing a servo system significantly.  All current Mitsubishi PLCs with built-in Ethernet ports support the CC-Link IE Field Basic protocol, that includes the L-series, Q-series, iQ-F (FX5) series and iQ-R series.  This makes servo control available to everyone at a very cost-competitive price point!

If you refer to the article written by Al Armin on August 7th of 2020 he explains where CC-Link IE Field Basic fits in for motion control.  You can see that article here:

The new MR-J5 series amplifiers are the top of the line servo drive from Mitsubishi Electric's Factory Automation group.  They include advanced technologies like vibration suppression, failure prediction, absolute encoders and single-cable solutions between the amplifier and the motor.  They are available in a variety of sizes from 100W up to 7kW with plans for 22kW to be released in the near future.  And with 26-bit encoders on the servo motors, motion precision is unmatched in the industry.


The new MR-JET series amplifiers on the other hand offer pricing that is almost on the level of stepper motors while providing 22 bit encoders for superior positioning accuracy.  The motors also provide speeds up to 6000rpm and the ability to use absolute positioning via battery backup on the amplifiers.  In sizes up to 3kW, this series of motors and amplifiers provides one of the most cost-effective motion options on the market.  


Not only can you control servo amplifiers over CC-Link IE Field Basic, you can also control VFDs, remote I/O and even talk to Mitsubishi Robots.

CC-Link IE Field Basic Concept Network-related products Product Features  Programmable Controllers MELSEC | MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC FA

And the best part is that should you need to upgrade your control from simple point-to-point or speed/torque controlled applications to full-blown multi-axis coordinated motion it's a breeze with Mitsubishi's Motion modules.  Simply add an FX5-40SSC-G card to your iQ-F solution or an RD78G card to your iQ-R solution and you can mix and match MR-J5-G and MR-JET-G drives on the same CC-Link IE TSN network for the most demanding applications.

And with advanced diagnostics built-in, you can be assured that your system will be easy to troubleshoot.

Unsure where to start?  Contact us and we'll be glad to help you specify the correct components for your next motion project.  



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